Stop the European Commission!

stop_eu_gun_ban Dear european gun owners, the things are getting really serious now. The European Commission is planing to restrict private gun ownership for law abiding citizens in the european union. The commission says, that private gun ownership is related to gun crimes, but we all know: That is not true. Gun crimes are related to guns owned by criminals and criminal gun ownership is already forbidden all over the european union. Not a single life will be safed by more restrictive gun laws. Stricter gun laws will cut down civil liberties of law abiding citizens. We can’t let that happen. Please, do not stand still. Write a letter to the European Commission and tell them the uncomfortable truths. Query for answers that are based on facts and not on guesses. You will find all the information you need to do so in video description below. And on one last word:

Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. – Perikles

To Contact the European Commission, DG Home Affairs (Commissioner Cecilia Malmström), write to:


Or directly to the EU commissioner:

Commissioner Cecilia Malmström EUROPEAN COMMISSION B–1049 BRUSSELS BELGIUM

Do you want to read more?

Read the documents released by European Commission.

Other europeans opinions on this topic

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12 Replies to “Stop the European Commission!”

  1. I can only speak about where I am: The „NSU“ (National-Socialistic Underground) is killing here in Germany actual over a dozen Muslims in Germany with a caliber 7,65 mm Browning (overall 184 by Nazis), by running Amoks are 3 dozen killed. Why so much? BECAUSE in Germany are the weapon control law so brutal.

    …Imagine at one running Amok a teacher has had a weapon or the house keeper or other students? The Amok runner would not have over a half hour for bloody killing until the police is coming (much more time on country sites), he would has less than one minute until a armed teacher is coming through!

    …Imagine more people would have weapons: the numbers of burglaries and violence on the streets would decrease! Look USA: if you make a burglary in the USA on the country site you will die, very sure. Make a burglary in Germany on the country site you’ll need only a big knife and you can rob a whole few villages until the first armed people arrives (police only)…

    Let’s see the stats: USA has 317 mio. citizen, Germany 80 mio. USA has 241 dead victims by running amoks BUT (!) in 16 massacres and Germany 32 in only 2 massacres. And dont forget: Germany’s got only a quarter of citizens compared to USA.
    MEANING: the massacres itself are double but even then in each massacre are less death victims and that – oh such a miracle! – WITH the liberal gun law… no, BECAUSE the liberal gun law.

    It’s hard to make a massacre or burglary or violence if you must expect armed defense if you attack. But the real reason – I guess – is that European regimes are just afraid of a strong and independent people they can not oppress anymore…

  2. Policians like Jean claude Juncker want to stop us from owning Firearms??? these People should not be in Politics Period!!!!! he and his Goverment resign due to corruption and he returs to head the european Parliment???? God Help us all!!!!!!

  3. It is amazing in the so called „Free and Democratic Bundes Republic“ of the 21 century that the Firearms laws are quiet a bit more Draconian then the Gun laws were under the Dictatorship of Hitler , the 3rd Reich. Amazing!

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    keep off our guns

  5. It really is starting to get out of Hand now, the overpaid European Politician’s who cant seem to do anything about the hundreds of people Dying trying to flee from Civil War’s in Africa and Syria because that would be doing their Job. Instead of doing something about the Thousand’s of Refugees who are in dire need of help from the European union (and this is just one Example) no no…they pride thmselves by introducing Olive Oil Restrictions, Banning Musical instrument’s which are to Loud, Vaccum cleaners which use to much Power, and of course Giving Banks which deal with or are dealing in suspicious Hedge Fond’s financial Backup (The European Taxpayer) and now want to further tighten the Gun Law’s in Europe which are the Tightest in the World?? and they wonder why people want out of the EU??? why am I paying these People’s Salary??? this is just getting ridiculous…..

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