European gun owners, UNITE!

On October the 21st 2013 the EU Comission released the following paper:

Please watch our campain page on that topic:

They want to restrict private gun ownership: semi-auto gun ban, registration of air rifles and muzzle loaders, no more gun trading over the internet, restrict magazine capacities, biometric smart guns and so forth.

What is their plan?
They want to ban semi-automatic firearms, restrict magazine capacities, restrict quantities of ammunition, register air rifles and muzzle loaders, forbid legal gun trading over the internet, want smart guns which only work if sensors detect the owners hands and which don’t work if jamming transmitters are disrupting the signal and much more.

What is the reason for this plan?
They want more gun security because of around 1.000 dead people each year and because of terror acts like the one in Norway (Breivik).
We all know: Most of that tragedies are related to illegal gun ownership not to legal guns owned by law abiding citizens. If they restrict legal gun ownership, those 1.000 dead people may rise even more.
All details are the same as the ones of the Programm of Action (United Nations).

What can you do as an european gun owner?
Write to the European Commission and ask how gun crimes with illegal guns can be stopped with the restriction of legal gun ownership. Be creative: Tell them (in a proper way) why they are wrong. Tell them about known facts.

To Contact the European Commission, DG Home Affairs write to:
DG Home Affairs

Or directly to the EU commissioner:
Commissioner Cecilia Malmström

Crimes happen, mostly by criminals!
You cannot stop crime by more laws!
The EU should fight against trafficing on the border, not against law abiding citizens!


“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” – Pericles

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